Spotify Bot

Type: Brave Browser / API for account creator
Need Proxies: Yes
License: Lifetime
Type of Views: Embedded, Direct

current price: New Version Soon

How to pay?
Free Trial Contact via Discord

License: 10 years (lifetime)
Version: v2.0.0 - 15th May 2022
Release: December 2019
Views: Yes
Create Accounts: Yes
Proxies: Yes (autoscrape from free scraper or your own url with custom timer in min.)
Cookies: No
Multi-threaded: Yes (up to 150)
Useragents: Yes (Mobile, Desktop - random devices + browser fingerprints)
Referrers: Yes (direct, external, social or custom search engine by keywords)
Like or Follow: No (coming soon)
Multi-URL's: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (servers 2016 or win10 server 'recommended')
No. of devices: 1 PC /License (contact us for more installs for better price)

BETA v2.0.1 Working on new code
BETA v3.0.0 Custom development only on demand